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Inventor, Futurist, and Entrepreneur

Even as a young child I've always wanted to be an inventor so that I can contribute to the world and make it a better place. Since then I have been able to do just that by taking new emerging technologies and creating mass market products and services. Below are just a few of the things I have done in my quest for knowledege, understanding, and compassion for my fellow human beings and the world we all live in.

Professional Experience

Companies I have founded


Founder and CEO, Powertools

Powertools was one of a handful of Mac OS compatible computer makers officially authorized by Apple. The company designed, produced, and sold the most powerful Mac OS computers ever built up until that time. The company was the first to introduce "bare-bones" Mac OS computers whereby the users could add their own components like RAM and hard drives. The company was also the first to ship the then state-of-the-art G3 PowerPC processor with MacOS 8.


Founder and CEO, Ecommercesoft

Ecommercesoft developed and offered Enterprise Internet-based business software solutions. Solutions included MetroShop, an online ERP system with web-based front-end based on WebObject from Apple, which was promoted by Apple as an enterprise software solution for its clients. It was also used to power parts of Lucent Technologies' online commerce as well as the LBJ Presidential Library.


Co-Founder and CEO, Open Labs

Open Labs was maker of computer enhanced musical instruments. The company was the first to integrate a Windows-based computer with a musical keyboard workstation to produce the world's first all-in-one music production station capable of producing radio ready songs. The company help revolutionize music production and performance and the use of mainstream computers in music was a direct result of the company's efforts. Its products included  the OMX, NeKo, MiKo, DBeat and SoundSlate and was used by many artist and producers including: Timbaland, Lil Jon, Tommy Lee, Teddy Riley, Polow Da Don, KORN, Maroon 5, Prince, Faith Hill and Reba McEntire.


Founder and CEO, Music Computing

Music Computing is a maker of computer enhanced musical instruments and large format touch screens. The company was one of the first to release multi-touch large format touch screens for Windows as well as the first company to release a touch screen compatible with Mac OS. Ranging from 32" to 85" in size, the touch screens are currently used by companies including Capital One, Microsoft, Verizon, Facebook, and National Instruments as well as various government agencies such as DARPA. MOST RECENTLY THE COMPANY CHANGED ITS NAME TO VICTORVIZ.COM


Founder and CEO, SparkleCOIN

SparkleCOIN, Inc is a developer of blockchain related technologies, products, and services. This project involved three different companies, which created an ecosphere for the use of SparkleCOIN (SPRK), a discount token and transaction coin. The project developed and launched a complete cryptocurrency exchange, online shopping site, and a blockchain with SPRK tokens. SparkleCOIN conducted a ICO that was streamed live from Techcrunch’s Disrupt S.F. in 2017. SparkleCOIN (SPRK) reached $35 per token at the end of the ICO and subsequently was traded up to $68 per token.


Co-Founder and CEO, Victor Racing, Inc

Victor Racing, Inc is a developer of Smart Active Aero technologies and products for the automotive industry. The company’s patent pending products are the first standalone Smart Active Aero products that are equipped with a built-in computer, an array of sensors, and sophisticated algorithms, which allows active aerodynamics to be added to any vehicle. These products were introduced at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in 2019 where they were awarded a Global Media Award for Best New Product. Currently products from the company are used worldwide for street and racing applications and the company is the exclusive provider of active aero products for the United States Touring Car Championship Racing Series.

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